Sea Tac Downwinders

ASARCO research project (includes haz-mat sites in the Kent/Des Moines area)

Masonic Home of Washington

Masonic Home of Washington 2019

Completed in 1927, The Masonic Home of Washington was the first retirement community in Des Moines built in the Zenith neighborhood.

The property also includes a park and a wooded area, east of the main building. Some of this area was used for other Freemason events over the years.

The site has an extensive view of the South Puget Sound area with views of Murray Island, Vashon Island, and Commencement Bay (Tacoma). The Hilltop section of Tacoma is visible from the site. On a clear day, you can see the top towers of the Tacoma's Narrows Bridges as well.

Also visible from the location, was the ASARCO smokestack. The emissions from the stack could have been dropped onto the property since it's 100 year operation. No soil tests are know on the property at this time.

The Masonic Home site was also known as Landmarc on the Sound (when purchased). It is visible from the Puget Sound and can be seen from Point Ruston (former ASARCO site) on a clear day.