Sea Tac Downwinders

ASARCO research project (includes haz-mat sites in the Kent/Des Moines area)

Midway Landfill

The activities of the Midway Landfill (and the Kent Highlands Landfill) were started during the 1960's by the City of Seattle and ended around 1985.

While testing the playground at Parkside Elementary didn't have any signs of methane or other materials from the landfill, these tests were conducted years after the landfill was shutdown.

McSorley Creek (also known as Smith Creek) runs on the north side of Parkside Elementary and into the Puget Sound (via Saltwater State Park) is suspected of carrying runoff from the landfill at the time.

Before the City of Seattle used the site for the landfill, the site was studied for hosting The Seattle World's Fair.

When the landfill was closed, tests for methane gas (generated from the landfill) were conducted throughout the area.  Methane extraction stations were built on South 250th Street and Pacific Highway South to release methane gas found in the ground (outside of the landfill property) as well as few other locations in the Midway area.

After the landfill has been shut down, the site has been studied for a football stadium, for the Seattle Seahawks, and has been studied as a potential site for a Sound Transit Link light rail transit and maintenance center (trolley barn).

Demolition of Midway Drive-In (source: Tim Babcock)